Dual Edge Grout Float for Epoxy Grout

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Dual Edge Grout Float for Epoxy Grout
Product description

Product Description:

The Genesis dual edge grout float is expertly designed for epoxy grout, featuring a unique dual profile rubber that excels in applying grout to both narrow and large joints on wall and floor tiles. Its ergonomic handle and anti-abrasion rubber ensure comfort and durability, making it a reliable tool for any tiling project. 

What’s special about this product? 

> Dual profile rubber for versatile grout joint sizes

> Comfortable ergonomic handle

> Efficient for both walls and floor tiles

> Durable anti-abrasion rubber

Product Specification

  • Sale byPer Unit
  • Size240x90mm
  • Weight0.36 KG
  • Space UsageInternal/External
Additional information
NameDual Edge Grout Float for Epoxy Grout
VendorNexo Tiles
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