Aluminium Contour Trim 8mm Bright Silver

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Aluminium Contour Trim 8mm Bright Silver
Product description

Product Description:

This Genesis tiling trim in a bright silver colour offers a sleek finish, adding a professional touch to your corners, exposed edges and most worktops. Boasting a square edge, this 2.5m long tile trim is perfect for tiles that are 8mm thick, though it’s worth noting it’s not recommended for wet or humid areas due to its aluminium construction.

What’s special about this product? 

> Bright silver colour with sleek finish

> Square edge complements corners, exposed edges and worktops

> Designed for 8mm thick tiles

> Generous 2.5m length for versatility

> Durable aluminium construction

> Not recommended for use in wet or humid areas


Genesis EAQ does not require any special maintenance. Oxidation films on Aluminium may be removed with a common polishing agent; however, they do reoccur. Damaged anodised finishes may only be repaired by recoating.

Product Specification

  • Sale byPer Unit
  • Size2.5m Length x 8x8mm
  • Weight0.01 KG
  • MaterialMetal
  • Product colorGrey
  • Space UsageInternal
Additional information
NameAluminium Contour Trim 8mm Bright Silver
VendorNexo Tiles
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